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Cerebral Sister EP

Cerebral Sister EP

1 September 2012

CreativePact (29 posts)

With work having commenced on an EP under the name Cerebral Sister, I will be dedicating the bulk of this CreativePact to writing lyrics towards this release.

CreativePact end fail, and a summary


So yeah, it's obvious that the end of my CreativePact was a failure, having missed the last three days. I got overwhelmed with other things in my life which were more important, and since my project was a bit disjointed and incoherent I felt that CreativePact should be put aside.

I suppose one of the big problems I had doing the Pact was that I already had a creative project running which fitted in better with my life: Cerebral Sister was already going and I have found it much easier to build towards working on it in bigger chunks, less frequently. Trying to run CreativePact as a daily thing skewed my creative time into a less effective pattern. Truth be told, very likely I would have struggled to keep up my creative practice through this period anyway, as the things happening in my life were happening whether or not I did CreativePact.

It hasn't all been bad though. I did have some time to mess with Presonus Studio One, and the later focus on lyrics for Cerebral Sister did make me think about the whole problem of doing vocals for the project. I'm still unsure if any of the vocals I wrote will make it into the first EP, or even if I will do the vocals at all. With things still bubbling away under the hood, I probably won't get into a creative focus until the end of October anyway. But at least I gave the CreativePact a shot.