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Cerebral Sister EP

Cerebral Sister EP

1 September 2012

CreativePact (29 posts)

With work having commenced on an EP under the name Cerebral Sister, I will be dedicating the bulk of this CreativePact to writing lyrics towards this release.

Switch from lyrics to sampling


As I felt a bit like not doing lyrics today, I decided to work on extending my sample library instead, as any future releases from Cerebral Sister would likely require some base material to work from. In this vein, I went through a couple of episodes of the animated manga show 3x3 Eyes.

In comparison to Ulysses 31, I didn't manage to get many workable samples from 3x3 Eyes, for two reasons: first, like with Ulysses 31, much of the musical material in the shows has dialogue and sound effects overlaid, making it hard to isolate for musical uses; second, unlike Ulysses 31, there isn't as much music in 3x3 Eyes. It's also less broad in style.

It is my plan to go through all of the animated series in my possession to find workable samples, and then employ them more broadly than the current in-the-works Cerebral Sister EP, which is based solely around samples from one show.