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1 January 2019

AnnualPact (24 posts)

Introducing a new formulation of Pact, over the whole of 2019 I will fit musical creativity into my schedule and document it in a weekly post.

An ‑otronic end of year

AJ Pact | Create A Week | An &#8209&#x3B;otronic end of year

One year, one failed AnnualPact. But I did finish the year by opening Maschine and starting on some new ‑otron material.

It was more like new/old material – I've been planning to delve into my archive of unfinished works for new inspiration – and I twisted an old sample from Star Trek into a Jungle-style tidbit. It was good to reopen Maschine after a while on the S5000 workflow.

Going forward, I really want to release something in 2020, and 2019 was a glob of aimless jumping around from thing to thing (when I was being creative). So the plan is to focus on ‑otron: go for a well-developed 3 tracker to release in the second half of the year. That at least gets a release on the board.

As for a 2020 'Pact? No plans at the moment. It's clear that the AnnualPact structure didn't really help me stick to something in the last year, so I'll continue Pact-less for now. Maybe I'll consider a more traditional Pact for later in the year.