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1 January 2019

AnnualPact (24 posts)

Introducing a new formulation of Pact, over the whole of 2019 I will fit musical creativity into my schedule and document it in a weekly post.

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The time has come. I've realised the real truth is that I just don't have time for creativity at the moment. I've tried to push a creative line this year, but I don't have a single project strong enough for me to continue weekly.

What I do have are two programming projects which are being sidelined while I try to push forward half-baked creative goals. I want to push forward on these projects instead. But I do intend to keep creating when I can this year; it just won't be a weekly thing.

And in that vain I did do a bit of organising this week, jumping into my data archives and pulling out several unfinished tracks which I thought could be put together into an album of vignettes. When progress is made I'll post about it.

Over and out.