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Create A Week

1 January 2019

AnnualPact (24 posts)

Introducing a new formulation of Pact, over the whole of 2019 I will fit musical creativity into my schedule and document it in a weekly post.

(G)all the way

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One thing unified this week's creative action: the golden flute of James Galway.

It was one of those sessions where I didn't know what to start on, so I dived in to some recently captured LPs and captured a section of Galway in baroque mode. This one sample formed the foundation for the next few sessions, with three solid ideas generated in total (one of which is included below).

During the week the thought has crossed my mind that all this S5000 sampling malarky I'm doing would be much faster to do using Maschine. But I'm enjoying being able to focus on the one task.

The thing is, I'm aware that with Maschine I would have jumped straight into arrangement with this new material. With the S5000, though, that step is detached and I'm interested to see how that affects how I do come to arrange everything when the time comes.