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Create A Week

1 January 2019

AnnualPact (24 posts)

Introducing a new formulation of Pact, over the whole of 2019 I will fit musical creativity into my schedule and document it in a weekly post.


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As promised last week I spent some time lyric writing this week.

Lyric writing is the most challenging aspect of song writing for me, because where musical ideas tend to flow fairly easily, subjects for songs are much harder for me to grab hold of and run with.

This week, though, was a good one for lyric writing. Over the winter, for what was the most tangible creative period I had in 2018, I had laid some lexical groundwork for Farthest Trex. Further cogitation had occurred since then and I was ready to dive into the track and work it out.

And work it out I did, pushing forward on a new approach and making the whole basis of the song more concrete. Not only was I able to develop just the song idea for Farthest Trex, however; I also cemented an identity for the surrounding songs. Double bonus.

(I also started a new lyric notebook.)