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Create A Week

1 January 2019

AnnualPact (24 posts)

Introducing a new formulation of Pact, over the whole of 2019 I will fit musical creativity into my schedule and document it in a weekly post.

The Zoyd is back in town

AJ Pact | Create A Week | The Zoyd is back in town

This week I switched tack to focus on a well-progressed project that, if you have any experience of my previous CreativePacts, you will have heard of.

For those who don't have experience of my previous CreativePacts, which, let's be honest, is everyone, I'm talking about 2016's Soundboard Record. In that Pact I developed an Ableton Live session which was intended originally for material generation and live performance for ‑otron.

Since then I've redefined this material to be stabled under Dorian Zoyd (which has been the subject of its *own* CreativePact) and added a few other songs I had rolling around in Ableton. Where we're at with it now is the songs are arranged but need further development in depth and some lyrics.

My creative time this week was devoted to the track Ferox, to which I added some additional parts and automation in the song's second half. The developments have changed the feel of the track (for the better), and I'm looking forward to pushing it further.