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Dorian Live

Dorian Live

1 September 2015

CreativePact (32 posts)

Having lately developed my studio practice it's time to look at the live side, so with a big gig on the horizon I'll use this Pact to lay the groundwork for Dorian Live.

Confirmed: Pee Wee Ellis


Not much achieved in CreativePact today, but I can confirm that saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis is slated to take on the solo instrumental duties for Union Chapel's performance of Automaton.

Perhaps this shouldn't be so surprising: Pee Wee will also be presenting a piece in the concert and I've agreed to help him with the tech side. Whatever the situation, it's good to have such an experienced and expert player on board.

Also today I tried to understand how organ stop changes should be scored, doing this by dropping a question on Stack Exchange's Music board. As of this writing however the question had attracted no answers. Oh well.