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Dorian Live

Dorian Live

1 September 2015

CreativePact (32 posts)

Having lately developed my studio practice it's time to look at the live side, so with a big gig on the horizon I'll use this Pact to lay the groundwork for Dorian Live.

Notes on a live adaptation

AJ Pact | Dorian Live | Notes on a live adaptation

I feel a bit cheeky posting this for CreativePact as it isn't very substantial. But it is a small step towards the goal and also helps tidy up the idea in my brain.

When working on a project I often like to open my notebook and lay down my thoughts, and that's what I did today. Above is a photo of those notes, considering the eventual structure of the live version of Automaton. Perhaps insubstantial, but by breaking the song down into its individual live elements I do get a better idea what I need to attack and, more importantly, how to attack.

The decision is unanimous: it's the organ I need to make my primary focus. Let's do it.