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Dorian Live

Dorian Live

1 September 2015

CreativePact (32 posts)

Having lately developed my studio practice it's time to look at the live side, so with a big gig on the horizon I'll use this Pact to lay the groundwork for Dorian Live.

Organ score update

AJ Pact | Dorian Live | Organ score update

It has been four days since my visit to Union Chapel to get hands-on with the organ, but studio time has delayed progress on the score. Well that progress came today. Here is its story.

Joining me on this journey were two pages of notes I made during the organ session, detailing such things as organ manual settings, performance instructions, reworked notations and other miscellaneous notes. Facts such as the organ's location on the stage and its being sharp I covered in the earlier post.

Getting suitable stop combinations for the manuals was the most important job. All four registrations of the organ will be employed: the bulk of the part is taken on by the Swell (which has the expression pedal), with the Choir taking on solo duties and the Pedals used for the bass; the Great manual is not notated for, but its registration is employed via the Great to Pedals coupler, adding a tasty Twelfth stop to the bass for a short while.

Another significant detail is that on all of the organ's manuals the third C is middle-C. Allied with this fact and that MuseScore's middle-C is C4, I realised that I had the wrong clefs employed for the Swell and Pedal staves. This has now been rectified.

So it was a significant step forward on the score today, but the intro is still bare and I also need to figure out scoring the Ableton Live controller pad hits. Watch this space.