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Dorian Live

1 September 2015

CreativePact (32 posts)

Having lately developed my studio practice it's time to look at the live side, so with a big gig on the horizon I'll use this Pact to lay the groundwork for Dorian Live.

Score nearing completion

AJ Pact | Dorian Live | Score nearing completion

It has happened: the intro section to Automaton's score has been written. (Shock! Horror!) And, as it turns out, MuseScore accommodated the final graphical elements I required without too much difficulty.

Yesterday I wrote about requiring a vertical dashed line for synch purposes, as well as some large brackets to group notes for improvisation. These graphics didn't appear obviously in MuseScore's palettes, so I headed to their useful website for some ideas.

The solution to the vertical dashed line came from this post, suggesting the use of a dashed bar line. In MuseScore bar lines can be attached to a particular note, and once placed their horizontal and vertical offset can be changed and they can be made to span contiguous staves in a system. So, spanning all staves and with a little horizontal offset, a dashed bar line can appear to dissect a set of notes vertically.

The bracket solution was even simpler. Rather than importing images of brackets, as I thought would be the case, I just added some stave text of the brackets I wanted, increased the font size significantly and BOOM. Note cluster brackets.

As the score is in a near-finished state I decided to send it off to James (the organ player) for his comments. I've tried to present as best a score as possible, but score writing isn't really my game so I'm expecting some more tweaking.