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Dorian Live

Dorian Live

1 September 2015

CreativePact (32 posts)

Having lately developed my studio practice it's time to look at the live side, so with a big gig on the horizon I'll use this Pact to lay the groundwork for Dorian Live.

The track: Automaton


Kicking off this CreativePact, here's a look at the track which will constitute the main piece for the Union Chapel concert. It's an electronic pop song called 'Automaton'.

The track began life in a different guise: it was called 'The Lost Engineer' and though never released it featured as a track on my long-defunct Myspace page (back in the early days of Lost Zoyd). Last year I decided to return to the track to remix it, where its choppy drums and trumpets were replaced by roaming synths and pipe organ.

This year I decided the track should conclude the planned Dorian Zoyd LP (or mini-LP as it will likely be) and went about writing some lyrics to it. Those lyrics have progressed to a near-finished state, and for today's Pact session I attempted to write the final section of human-sung words (the track will also feature computer-spoken parts). While I didn't manage to finish the section, I did form it enough to know where I'm going.

Finishing the lyrics will likely have to wait for a couple of days, as tomorrow I'll have an empty house and can proceed to actually record the already-written words. Following that, an important part of this Pact will be concocting the song's live performance and writing the organ score for it.