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1 September 2013

CreativePact (18 posts)

Looping video techniques and Apple's divisive video editor Final Cut Pro X will be the focus of this year's CreativePact exploration.



And, sooner than I was expecting, here is my first looping video, called Intersection.

As you can see, accompanying the audio from yesterday is visual material I developed earlier this week, based on Slow Motion by John Giskes.

Starting with the audio track in place in Final Cut Pro X, I set up the intro section, a slow build up. When the audio loop is established, the visual is sped up – the movement of the dancer hints at the blooming of a flower here.

A specific gestural motion is used as loop anchor point – where the rising of the dancer's back stops in time with a clear guitar chord. From this point the video is in full loop mode, and could theoretically carry on forever.

As an initial looping video, Intersection isn't bad. But still there are some things to work on. I'll probably go into my thoughts on Monday, when a day of travel will make it unlikely that I will sit down with FCPX or Logic.