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1 September 2013

CreativePact (18 posts)

Looping video techniques and Apple's divisive video editor Final Cut Pro X will be the focus of this year's CreativePact exploration.

Morning Surface


Two videos in as many days! Back on day 13 I was thinking about where this project was headed and mentioned filmmaker Martin Arnold.

That thought was brought on by finding a segment from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey which I felt would lend itself to some Arnold-esque treatment. So today I did that.

As you can see, the result is a bit mindbending. The camera panning was the original inspiration to use this material, with my goal being to keep the scene moving in the same direction. This was achieved using three dimensions – film playback direction, horizontal presentation and vertical presentation.

The film's creation was actually quite mathematical. I needed to work out the settings required of the three dimensions to achieve the same camera pan direction, and then sequence those on the timeline. Editing it together was relatively easy in FCPX (though I imagine it must have taken Arnold days to do the same with film stock).

The employment of these processes brings about some interesting effects, which I will dwell on in a future CreativePact post.