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1 September 2013

CreativePact (18 posts)

Looping video techniques and Apple's divisive video editor Final Cut Pro X will be the focus of this year's CreativePact exploration.

The ever-playing video


Yesterday, I alluded to a new direction for my CreativePact project: the ever-playing video. Let me just explain what that is all about.

Back in 2010, when staying in New York City, I somehow came across abstractionist creator Oneohtrix Point Never. One of his releases was Memory Vague, a DVD of video works which included the ever-player "Nobody Here" (embedded as the end of this post).

To say I was entranced is an understatement. The oddness of the source video and the looping Chris de Burgh fitted together in a wonderfully out-there way. The fact that it was designed to play forever without stopping added to the fascination. This video is my inspiration for the next step of my CreativePact.

Interestingly, my 2010 CreativePact took place at the time I discovered this video, and I dedicated one day creating the video TPIR72, as a response to the Oneohtrix Point Never video. I now return to explore this area with greater vigour.