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1 September 2013

CreativePact (18 posts)

Looping video techniques and Apple's divisive video editor Final Cut Pro X will be the focus of this year's CreativePact exploration.

Why is ‘Nobody Here’ a successful forever-looping video?


In an earlier post I mentioned that Oneohtrix Point Never's forever-looping video 'nobody here' was the primary inspiration for the current direction of my CreativePact. So why is it so good?

I won't spend ages on this, but I think there are three important components here:

  1. The audio part is something taken from pop culture, and if you have ever heard Chris De Burgh's 'Lady in Red' you should recognise it's source fairly easily. This recognisability imports certain aspects from the original material that the listener intrinsically picks up on.
  2. The video material not only loops naturally, it is also just so weird, a factor enhanced by being shown out of its original context.
  3. The audio and video mix together in such a great way, and the pitched-down and effected audio lends an other-worldliness to the end result.

So, does my first attempt succeed on the same score? I don't think so – on a technical level the video works, but it doesn't quite fit together as successfully as 'nobody here'. Hopefully I can get closer to this in the coming days.

(P.S. Sorry for missing Pact yesterday...)