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Man and Maschine

Man and Maschine

4 August 2014

CreativePact (33 posts)

With the Native Instruments Maschine Studio as focal point, this year I will generate a new sonic idea each day, towards a post-Pact electronic music release.

Aegist, dulcet electronicism


A track I really like today in Aegist, lush and calming, and almost certain to make it onto the atmospheric side of the ‑otron release.

One of the first tasks post-Pact will be to evaluate all the ideas and separate them into the respective style categories, then will be the challenge of developing each track to completion.

Album sequencing also needs to take place (though this doesn't necessarily happen after all the tracks are finished), as well as album artwork concepts – I have already developed some artwork for -otron but also have my eye on some older works of Polly Alizarin Harvey for future releases.