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Man and Maschine

Man and Maschine

4 August 2014

CreativePact (33 posts)

With the Native Instruments Maschine Studio as focal point, this year I will generate a new sonic idea each day, towards a post-Pact electronic music release.

CreativePact 2014 summary, post-Pact movements


It has been almost two months since the conclusion of Man and Maschine, and amongst moving house, decorating and other things I have managed to form the material created during the Pact into the outline of an album.

Along with this development comes the fleshing out of ‑otron, which now has a Twitter account and a SoundCloud page! (Now I'm just waiting on the .music TLDs to become available to grab a website domain.)

And the album? As I discussed in the posts during the Pact, I've settled on a two-sided format, with the beaty tracks on side A and the atmospheric ones on side B. In a hat nod to the material's original source the album will be called Voltronic/Galaxer (Voltronic being side A, Galaxer being side B).

As with my other recent releases, Voltronic/Galaxer will be made available as a download on Bandcamp; I will also be pushing the boat out and producing a short run of cassettes of the album (largely because why not?). So with both sides now playlisted I must develop the tracks out to fill the 23 minute sides.

Bring it on.