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Man and Maschine

Man and Maschine

4 August 2014

CreativePact (33 posts)

With the Native Instruments Maschine Studio as focal point, this year I will generate a new sonic idea each day, towards a post-Pact electronic music release.

Mendel, end of school feeling


Penultimate day of my CreativePact! And I present the jittery-rhythmed Mendel, which makes use of the square wave sample pitch modulation technique I have mentioned previously.

There's certainly an end-of-school feeling happening with my CreativePact now, as the last couple of days I've had to speedily write the documentation post having left it to the last minute before going out. Today though I have not fallen into that trap.

Even then however I'm struggling to know what to write here, as I'll provide a full debrief of the Pact in an epilogue post. Just bring on the final day of CreativePact I say!