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PhD write-up diary

PhD write-up diary

1 September 2011

CreativePact (6 posts)

With the hand-in of my PhD not far away I have decided to spend this year's CreativePact writing a diary of its completion.

CreativePact 2011 epilogue


As predicted, my CreativePact for 2011 was cut short early on (primarily due to circumstances outside of my control). The good news though is that I successfully submitted my PhD in December 2011, following that up with its successful defence just last month. The final thesis commentary is available for download from Huddersfield University ePrints.

Double good news came when Futures EP was accepted into the iOS app store. The app employed the AVPlayer system I discussed near the beginning of the Pact, and has gone through a UI revamp (which includes some media easter eggs accessible through a fun code mechanism)(not in version 1.2!). It is available from the Apple iOS app store now for free.