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PhD write-up diary

PhD write-up diary

1 September 2011

CreativePact (6 posts)

With the hand-in of my PhD not far away I have decided to spend this year's CreativePact writing a diary of its completion.

Futures EP in development

AJ Pact | PhD write-up diary | Futures EP in development

Here is a shot of Futures EP running on my iPad. Today I started a new Objective-C class encapsulating an AVPlayer-based playback engine, timed using an instance of AVMutableComposition. In the morning I sorted out both backing tracks, and this evening I tackled the open vocal parts of the first track, 'Tapes'. It has all come together very easily, including the reloading of open parts when the EP is stopped. When running on the device the app actively uses around 1MB of memory.

Next on the Futures EP to-do list:

  • Get the volume slider working (AVPlayer uses the system sound volume so I probably need to subclass my snazzy volume control from the MPVolumeView class instead of UISlider).
  • Figure out individual track access through the track labels on the UI.
  • Finish the open parts for Futures.

Time to get on with it...