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PhD write-up diary

PhD write-up diary

1 September 2011

CreativePact (6 posts)

With the hand-in of my PhD not far away I have decided to spend this year's CreativePact writing a diary of its completion.

Short day, PhD submission extension


Today I didn't do too much as I arranged with Monty an extension to my PhD submission deadline, necessary as a number of things (which are not topics of this blog) have come together to make the target of the end of this month untenable. I am currently in London hunting for new accommodation.

Creatively what I did do was implement direct track access to track two of Futures EP, and made inroads into handling app interruptions – I can only properly test these on an iPhone, so it stays on the to-do list. I also completed a few of my unfinished references in my thesis commentary. I am meeting Monty and PA next week to discuss this document in depth...