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Prism Fission

Prism Fission

9 September 2017

CreativePact (32 posts)

In this CreativePact, following a couple of months in the creative doldrums, I will be working to complete Prism Exhilarated, a unique media music release by ‑otron.

Editing saxophone on CQ

AJ Pact | Prism Fission | Editing saxophone on CQ

Today I got right on with editing the Pee Wee Ellis saxophone recordings made yesterday, starting with the slower track of the two, 'CQ'.

My goal was to finalise the material for CQ's second unique process. I had previously considered a vocal part by Dorian Zoyd for this part, but the results didn't fit well. My thought then was to use the same melody as the vocals, but with Pee Wee on saxophone instead.

So I instructed Pee Wee to follow the melody and embellish it – being on loop record the embellishments would form part of the variety of the unique part. Originally, I was looking at 8 options for this part, so recorded 16 complete takes to give some wiggle room in comping.

Listening back to the groups of takes today however, I decided to go a different way: keep the takes in their recorded groups and play those takes simultaneously, spread across the stereo image. With some depth processing that would lead to a cool saxophone density.

But! That would leave me with only 4 unique process options, and I need 8! The solution there will be to swap the stereo staging of the takes in their groups. With that solution I can quickly double my options with very little effort.

Next on the list for the CQ session is to QC (wooo, reverse...) all the takes and then bounce each to disk (synched to the same bar number of course), ready to import in to Maschine for mixing.