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Prism Fission

Prism Fission

9 September 2017

CreativePact (32 posts)

In this CreativePact, following a couple of months in the creative doldrums, I will be working to complete Prism Exhilarated, a unique media music release by ‑otron.

Unique process results!

AJ Pact | Prism Fission | Unique process results!

Today I threw caution to wind and plowed into coding up the actual unique process construction routine. And BOOM, I now have a Python script that constructs unique renditions of Prism Exhilarated track 3, 'Xplorer'.

Funnily, it felt like the smoothest bit of coding yet. (I suppose all the endless preparation to get to this point paid off?) The main thing to do was to pump the rendition number through into the audio unpacking function, and then handle the extra files produced from that in track construction routine. It was all very straightforward.

That said, there are still many peripheral tasks to complete. This construction routine isn't quite finished either, as it doesn't handle the default track yet, so that will probably be the goal of the next session.