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Soundboard Record

Soundboard Record

1 August 2016

CreativePact (34 posts)

Taking material generation to a more granular level, I will spend this CreativePact building a sampling-centred soundboard in Ableton Live.



Trying to build up from Glockenberg has proven tricky, and at the end of my session today I was not satisfied with the result: a distant-sounding sampled piano part.

The piano was from a recording session I undertook for my master's degree at Goldsmiths College and is made up of a selection of sustained chords. In the end I never used these in a composition, so they've ended up in my sandbox material stash.

The samples' usage here was simple: I used a Sampler to map each chord onto a separate note and set the amplitude envelope to have a longer attack. In attempting to mix this to Glockenberg I tried a selection of effects, but couldn't unlock a successful combination – perhaps these two sounds just won't work together.

Listening back to the Goldpiano now however my feelings are more positive – it sounds good on its own and I can hear where this could be taken. It just won't be with Glockenberg or Hollows pad.

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