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Soundboard Record

Soundboard Record

1 August 2016

CreativePact (34 posts)

Taking material generation to a more granular level, I will spend this CreativePact building a sampling-centred soundboard in Ableton Live.

Kit 06 (a)


Today I quested to magic up a rhythm part appropriate for the current idea. And boy did I labour. I suppose I'm happy with the result – it seems to work – but it doesn't do much to improve my lukewarm feeling about the last few days.

I returned to the Proteus for this one, and it took a long time to settle on a drum kit: I went in the end for Kit 06. But experimenting with a number of different kits and sequences up to that point meant little time to develop that kit once I had chosen it, so much like days 9 and 10 I'm splitting sequencing and mixing across two sessions.

On a housekeeping note: I've officially split Glockenberg off into its own idea, so essentially now I have three pretty raw ideas awaiting development. With only 4 days of CreativePact left though (what? really?) only one will likely feature to the end.

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