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Soundboard Record

Soundboard Record

1 August 2016

CreativePact (34 posts)

Taking material generation to a more granular level, I will spend this CreativePact building a sampling-centred soundboard in Ableton Live.

Kit 06 (b)


I went ahead and mixed the drums I laid down yesterday (of course taking the intermediate step of Samplering all the necessary hits). Overall, pretty decent, nothing particularly novel to report on the creative side.

The chance was also taken to remix Goldpiano and Dark bass at the same time – I won't post the changes made, but I'll say there's been some improvement there too. With the main basis in place I can now add some more MIDI saxophone to this year's pact.

(Though plenty of other MIDI instruments exist in the world that have yet to be touched. Hmmm... I'll get back to you on that one.)

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