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Soundboard Record

Soundboard Record

1 August 2016

CreativePact (34 posts)

Taking material generation to a more granular level, I will spend this CreativePact building a sampling-centred soundboard in Ableton Live.

Soundboard Record epilogue


Last week the curtain closed on what ranks as one of my best CreativePacts, and, you know, by the end of the first week I had proved to myself that this method of creative generation was the way to go. The Pact was already a success.

Listening back to everything now I'm excited to create something out of this material, but I know further progress may be delayed until post-house-move. The plan is, once moved in and set up in a more spacious studio, to continue until the end of the year the creation process laid down in the Pact.

By that point I hope to have enough material to base a decently substantial ‑otron release on. I'll also evaluate what I have for live performance possibilities.

As for the other ideas I had for this Pact, hell if I'm waiting 12 months to get Pacting again. Already underway is a new documentation website for my Pacts, which is being adapted structurally to allow for more than one Pact a year and (shock!) the possibility for other types of Pact.

What types might those be? You'll see. Maybe.