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Soundboard Record

Soundboard Record

1 August 2016

CreativePact (34 posts)

Taking material generation to a more granular level, I will spend this CreativePact building a sampling-centred soundboard in Ableton Live.

Squelch piano


This Pact session was a complex one: not only did I employ the Proteus and thus need to do some sampling, I also Instrument Racked up three samplers and then grouped that with the original MIDI track. On top of that it took a while to nail down the right mix.

Fortunately, the sequencing process was straightforward this time. Using the Proteus patch "Concert Pno" I leapt from idea to idea without much need for pause, leaving me with three distinct styles of material: stabs, riffs and repeats (i.e. repeated notes). Each of these styles received its own sampler, so I could mix them differently.

I made significant use of FilterFreaks and Echoboys, but the mix didn't come together properly until I threw some Live Reverbs at these parts, highlighting another bugbear of Live: while Drum Racks have their own send/return architechture, Instruments Racks do not. Even crazier though, instruments in an Instrument Rack can't be bussed out to global Return Tracks individually either. WHY?

So, that's 3 reverbs instead of one. But hey, I'm still alive. And I should be tomorrow when this CreativePact reaches its conclusion.

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